We are Everything and Nothing (2017)

We are a mysterious wave like a specter of light. Like a shadow in the Darkness. A ghost in the machine. A Timeless energy stuck in between quantum states. 
We are unmoving movement, an eternal moment, the flicker of a star, the tail of a comet... We are what we are. 
We are what we give. We give what we know. And we know what we have. 
We are meaning in a meaningless universe. 
We are a flow in the ocean of consciousness. 
We are a pebble on the beach of existence. 
We are Wonder, passion, wavelengths of sound, layers of dirt and dust... We are everything and nothing. 
We are water and fire. 
We are the full moon peeking through the clouds, reflecting off the rippling snow. 
We are all individual yet the same. 
We are all identical yet different. 
We are two but also one. 
We are a duality but united. 
We have substance but no matter... 
We live just to die, we fall and we falter, failing to follow the patterns set by our forefathers. 
We feign a fiction to fulfill our fantasies and furnish our memories with falsehoods and confabulations. 
We finish it off with fun and fairy tales. 
We are Gods disguised as Mortals. 
We are in a prison disguised as freedom. 
We are Wanderlust in a cage. 
We are at peace in war and our minds are at War in peace. We feel happiness when we cry and we feel sadness when we smile. 
We are like spring and fall- ever-changing... 
We are like summer and winter- forever still and calm... 
We think we know but we only see. 
We hear the sounds, but what could it be? 
We plan our will, but is it destiny? 
We know our strengths but still question our ability. 
We are stubbornness and fragility, clumsiness and humility... We are sincerely searching for serenity in a sunset, finding fecundity in the foliage... folding in for a night's sleep. 
We are a stream of melted ice on a mountain trail. 
We are somebody but nobody. 
It's better to have a lot of enemies than a bunch of fairweather friends. Creating controversy means that you've probably said something profound that's worth arguing about. There's no use in debating over the popular fashion that everyone agrees on. 
We have no other purpose than to find our purpose. 
There is no wisdom that is new or not already known. 
The wise go into the Hills like Hermits because no one listens to them anyway. No one pays attention to their heed... Until the prophecy comes true. 
No one takes their advice until it's too late to turn back. 
No one cares for the truth until they're sick and dying from the lies. 
No one prays for heaven until they have seen hell and stared death in his eyes. 
No one saves for old age until their youthfulness disappears. No one longs for love like the one whose seen it go. 
No one stays to say good night and turn off the lights when everyone leaves (no one really cares about you or for me). People only care about their dreams, even though reality is never quite as it seems. 
Everyday is an experience of the ridiculous to the sublime, the sacred to the profane, the enlightening to the mundane. We try to sustain with food for the brain and maintain our composure, obtain control of this thought-plane, and pretend that we're not going insane. 
We seek fortune and fame (how could you blame us?) and yet we're really all the same plain Jane, all playing the game but each calling it by a different name... 
You'll know who won by what friends remain at the end of the day, who is by your side and who left you standing in the rain. When you know the truth there's nothing about which to complain. 
There's no loss or gain. 
There's no joy or pain. 
There's only heart and mind and body... And the soul is along for the ride. 
To know yourself is a luxury- to know the self as illusory... 
To know that we live forever in imagination...
To know that those sleepless nights, the agitation, and the artists' frustration does not go unrecognized... 
To know that the pursuit of happiness is always at our fingertips within Reach and that the journey means much more than the destination... 
To know that we awake only to make more mistakes... 
To know the real from the fakes, the angels from the snakes, the diseased from the healed... 
To know that the stars are a million Rising Suns with a unique religion under every one... 
To know the Ultimate Beauty, Oh Tranquil one!
(the sweetest thing: music to the ears of the devas!
They clasp their hands in amusement for they adore to partake in the magic of the fruit of life: its knowing)

January 19, 2019

time is now, holy cow!
restless demon-world
we fixate on nothing-ness
we fixate on our souls
we are nothingness
we are happiness
there is no want, no desire
no flesh, no blood, no tears, no wine…they do not satisfy me
I will not rest until a wife bears my child:
life slowing down…to witness creation
to realize the dream- if not for yourself, for someone else
Is there a reason why we must change our way of life?
We must become wise
"genius and courageous”
compassionate and realistic
We must help others to help themselves
there is a window of opportunity in time
= do you take the sign that life has given you, or do you deny it?
One must have self-respect, respect for oneself
Respect for one another
Respect for our neighbors
Respect for the laws of nature, Respect for the seasons

November 6, 2018

tangerine dream
the smell of diesel fumes
nothing is fair/ everything is fair
seize the day
because we may not live tomorrow
forget the past and all its sorrow

exist as one with the universe
not as a separate observer
(the universe creates you
but also you create the universe)

September 22, 2018

Time is numinous
The truth is Luminous
Logos, the word,
In the beginning, there was light
The wisdom shone forth
Knowledge Burning like an eternal flame,
a phoenix rising from the Ashes,
overcoming all adversity and riding the destruction
Fear not the time when you have to die,
as long as you're living in the moment

September 14, 2018

Taking a tenuous Journey
Into The Ether of the all together
Luminous radiant
Dream-state hyperspace
Circumnavigate the globe
Syncopate synesthesia
(Only accept a commensurate pay)
The night owl awaits amid indecision
waking up with a satisfied mind
sleep is an intermission
a remission

Knowing what you want to say
Doing what you want to do
Seeing the world as it is
living the life day by day
learning to follow the way
the path of knowing- that's a good thing
the math of flowing- that's a hood thing
sowing the seeds of self-destruction,
on the road to malfunction,
free fall at the junction,
wondering what kind of gumption it takes to make an unction
and become the anointed one, the son of God,
we are Stardust, we are angels that have fallen from the sky,
regained their wings and Learned to Fly,
like Satan we have no hope, no, fear, no remorse or regret-
You can forgive
but you cannot forget the wrongdoings of other people-
the harm that people have committed against you,
mentally or physically, psychological damage and hurt, time wasted,
sitting complacent with ever-worsening prospects for homeostasis

September 11, 2018

A Radical shift in thinking-
A search for meaning and clues to riddles with no answer.
Existential thoughts-
Thoughts of the future and the unending days
A symptom of the New World Order living an unfulfilled life filled with desire
Breathing in the sweet excesses of American society
Laying prey to the manipulations and persuasions of the corporate agenda.
The clock is ticking, time is slipping

When we're together time feels so slow-
it's like we're traveling through a wormhole.
You've opened up a new universe-
a whole new world I never knew.
At the speed of light our eyes ignite
and the forces of attraction pull us together-
stronger than the force of gravity
which tethers the planets in orbit around a star.
(The galaxies are beautiful
but they don't compare to her.
She is sprawled across the bed
like the Milky Way across the night sky.)

Caffeine rush
Inhaling cappuccinos
Writing poetry until the wee hours of the morning- daylight-
fighting the anxiety and fighting the wars
that normal people don't fight because they are more sensible-
Introspection- looking at yourself in the mirror,
seeing yourself for who you truly are,
enjoying yourself, having confidence in yourself, knowing yourself.
Seeing the world the way it is
Not judging the outcomes
No expectations
Not fearing the consequences
Standing up for yourself
Taking responsibility for one's actions
Not comparing, or desiring things that other people have
Breathe in the good, exhale the bad
Don't sleep on the truth
Don't brainwash the youth
Eat food that's good for you
Know when to say yes and when to say no
Know when to stop and when to go

Sometimes this world doesn't feel real
With all the turmoil, broken dreams
Like a spinning wheel
Out of control chaotic madness
Or so it seems

September 9th, 2018

Meditate, levitate
Elevate, concentrate
Substantiate your claims with evidence
Initiate, reverberate, celebrate life
investigate your surroundings, the ideas in your mind, the feelings in your heart, the blood at your fingertips
Eloquently extricate the thoughts of wisdom from the neural substrate of your cranium and transform them into words of conscious creation- elaborate conflagrations of consonants and vowel sounds- language that people can understand and relate to- rules that we all agree on- social constructs that give us meaning- the way we think about the world and the way we're feeling.
Deep inside we all need it
We desire to feed it
Something to hide
Something to be defeated
We all want to be treated with respect and dignity
We all want to meet people with honesty and sincerity, hope and faith in humanity. Civilization requires charity despite our differences and similarities.
We're all different- unique- and yet we're all the same. We all live in a place in the mind- Right Here Right Now- always changing- it's never the same: the stream, the river, the rhyme, the reason, like a lava flow... creeping up real slow. It's the name of the game. Money and fame. Are you real or a faker? (for real though?)
Are you a giver or a taker?
Do you live or forsake the Truth?

September 4th, 2018

Mythical Magic
Awakening Madness
to find infinity in sadness
Sanity in happiness
Writing sappy lyrics to fix the soul
Listening to good music to make me whole.
To make me whole.
The silence overwhelms my mind in a haze,
wrapped with a cloak,
walking through the invisible maze,
seeing this moment as an intermediate phase,
waiting and waiting for days just to see you smile.
Just to see you smile.
Getting high all the while.
Sitting in denial,
pretending that I don't miss her
as much as my heart desires.

I'm running to the borderline
I hope I can make it on time
I'm at a crossroads and I don't know which way to go
“What path do you wish to be on?”

Split-brain, intuition, superstition-
we're all working off our Inner-vision-
Inner light- life decision-
a greater meaning- a higher being-
a synergistic exegesis of metaphysical energies-
We live for certain things and certain people-
We live for ourselves and for others who live for us too.
We live in unity with the past, present, and future
simultaneously in a continuum of space-and-time.
We are inter-dimensional conscious beings
on a planet that orbits a star in a galaxy
with billions and billions of other stars and planets,
within a cosmic ocean of billions and billions of galaxies.
We are small on one scale-
we are large on another.
We are made up of trillions of cells
and an order of magnitude greater number of atoms.

Today, this morning 3 am, September 4th, 2018, the crescent moon is aligned with the Orion constellation. The moon sits on the crown of Orion's head. The stars in Orion are bright, especially the one in the top left, shining red, Betelgeuse.

June 13, 2018

Driving home by the moonlight at midnight
I want to see the world from your eyes
but I'm on my own journey
with its own sights and sounds.
There is a world we will never see.
There are places we'll never be...
But that doesn't matter when it's just you and me.

I forget about all of my cares and worries when we are together.
The world is a heavenly paradise. The feeling is unimaginable bliss.
The problems and woes are temporarily gone,
although I understand that the pain and misery seeps deep into our souls.
Our minds have memories that we will never let go,
but we can forget for the day, only to remember again tomorrow.

Happiness is like the spark of a match.
Love is like the flame of the candle,
whose inner light never dwindles if you take care of it right.

When I find myself alone again,
the burden of the world weighs down on me,
like the weight of the Globe on Atlas’ shoulders.
I cannot sleep because I fear I will not wake up.
“Sleep is the cousin of death.”
Death is an eternal sleep without dreams.
It's good to think about death
because there is no life without death.
Death gives us life.

March 16, 2018

We can be our best friends or our worst enemies.
We can fill our hearts with hate
or choose to love unconditionally.
We can become what we will ourselves to become.
We can become creators of our own universe.
We can know peace in our minds.
We can live a meaningful life
in the understanding of nature and our human behavior.
It seems like we live to make mistakes
so that we can learn from them.
No one is born perfect.
No one lives a life free of sin nor wants to.
We don't need anyone to tell us how to live.
We must take responsibility for ourselves.

July 8 2017

we’re just visitors on this planet

July 7, 2017

going down to the city to see what grows
the concrete jungle
ooh yeah
the power of people
the truth will prevail
must not fight with the sword,
but with the word and the pen
we shall overcome
don’t hide the children’s eyes

All-is-One, One-is-All (2017)

People know WHAT TO DO (the RIGHT THINGS) but often not WHY…

MIMICKING other “smart” humans in their ACTIONS, THOUGHTS...

[Mirror Neurons]

Behavior Patterns, Rationalizing...

Not questioning the DEEPER reason why, or even HOW


Who makes us want things?

Or act the way we do- see the WAY we see things


Can’t Stop...the World from Turning

Us from Yearning

The Wind Swirling

The Magic Wand Twirling

Play in the Sun

Wait for No One

Talk to Everyone for a Change

*Don’t forget that the Earth cares


Do you believe in THE TRUTH?



A Path to Knowing -----> Happiness

A Guiding Principle

A System of Wonder, Being -----> Humanity


  • Humanity as an Organism

  • GOD represents the entire WHOLE HUMAN RACE

  • GOD expresses EVOLUTION

  • YHWH knows all- YHWH knows no end

The Incomprehensible

    The Unknowable

The Unanswerable Questions


The people do not want to hear the truth. The truth hurts. People want to protect their worldview, often for selfish reasons. The truth changes everything. People do not wish to change despite the fact that everything changes.

Free yourself with knowledge.

People believe what they want to believe because it makes them feel good.

Free yourself from false beliefs.


We often do negative things with positive intentions

“The Road to Hell is paved with Good Desires”


Life expresses Itself through US

ART expresses ourselves.

We know Ourselves through the medium of art.

We learn of each other through the ART of Communication.

Creation is a process of activity.


The Dark Smile of the Night

The Light of Creation

The Light of the Mind

Without Eyes we would not See

Without Light our eyes would know only Darkness

*Enlightenment= making Knowledge appear as Light illuminates what would otherwise be hidden in the Darkness of Ignorance

Without a Mind, we would not OBSERVE with our eyes- we would not observe the Mind

Who (or what) is the Observer? The Doer and Thinker

Hearing the Mind “Out There”

Communicating with the “Ether”

Listening to the Questions and Answers

Participating with an External “Mind” -----> 

a Higher Consciousness produced by the <<Interplay of Human Voices>>

Discussions of the Nature of the Self -----> 

Forming a Social Reality 

(in which the Individual feels as One with Everything-and-Everyone -----> 

a Social Reality comprised of Thoughts

“Thought-Genes” [Memes]

A social consciousness created through/by our Beings [a Being-Outside-of-Ourselves] through Communication of Meaning- Knowledge and Myth]

Is the Mind a Science of Its Own? Science of Minds

If one does not accept the existence of an objective reality outside of what is created by the mind, does one reject their own existence?

The Subjective-world carries meaning through/by Inter-subjectivity -----> 

The interrelationship of Subjective experiences creates a World-consciousness (Cosmic consciousness) that makes up our objective reality

Semiotics= disagreement between whether someone gives signs to objects in reality OR whether things have intrinsic meaning?


Is one’s definition of GOD an indication of one’s level of consciousness?


How thankful I am! That We live in a world that no longer makes sense of things with God- although God traditionally is used as a substitute for Nature- We can now get answers to the questions of Nature with Science and Using Technology for its Purpose

[“Technology has its unintended consequences”- Martin Heidegger]


Does mind have substance?

Are thoughts considered material? Do thoughts have matter? Or are they ephemeral? Airy?




When will the Dark give in to Light?

Dark and Light (Ignorance and Truth) cannot be equated to Evil and Good

Everyone does Good.

Evil cannot be hated out.

Love your enemy so that they see the Light, and learn to love---- they need to be loved


One must have empathy for those who suffer- especially those who know not that they suffer, and those who know not what makes them suffer. They continue to desire for things, thinking that by obtaining an object they will find happiness. They may experience some excitement and joy but this only lasts for a fleeting moment. 

The end-goal must instead have to do with attaining peace- reaching liberation (a state of everlasting peace)- harmony with people and nature around you- and a true understanding of the nature of the mind and reality.

[The “end” signifies a “beginning.” The “goal” implies a path, a series of ever-further seceding markers of accomplishment into the distant future]

They desire for things which appeal to the senses. The justification goes as follows: “These objects have value.” They do not seem to notice or care that objects have no worth except for that which is established by an ugly society with a false set of standards. When a thing fails to fulfill an ideal, one attaches to another object to renew the hunger for stuff- the appetite becomes insatiable thus leading to greed and deplorable actions. The object inevitably gets rejected by its apparent “flaws” and “insufficiency” rather than the subject realizing that the unsatisfactoriness resulted from preconceptions and misconceptions in the mind. 

Life becomes painful not getting what you want. Desire for worldly possessions creates negative emotions like frustration, anger, and envy…



The “mind-flower”...

Innocence= Naiveté

Wisdom= Knowing what to do in a given scenario

...grows with vigor to the Sun, opens petals to the Air


  1. Physical/material reality

  2. Metaphysical reality “Other-worldly”

  3. Spiritual reality

Timeless paradigm- each moment has meaning and reason

Philosophies -----> Ideas versus Experiences


Save the beavers! Woodchucks!

Save the canyons! Valleys!


Science is a philosophical inquiry of Mother Nature.

A statement of scientific fact/findings is not as interesting as the question which ought to naturally follow: 

Why is it this way? How does it appear to act in a particular way?

What makes a phenomena follow a specific behavior?



Where abides the mind?

Where dwells human consciousness?


“What does “the mind” comprise of?” -----> The question implies that the mind is matter


We are all equal -----> although all of us differ in cognitive ability and manual skill

We all deserve respect ------> based on our moral sensibilities/ responsibilities i.e. how we respond to a need, or rise to the call of human action (?)




Senses of Perception produced by the brain VERSUS Consciousness

“Consciousness”= an all-word for Thoughts (AKA Stream of Consciousness) and Awareness <<OBSERVATION>>

No Observer!

Nothing acts as it appears to us

Everything has a Reality of its own which has feeling-qualities one can ascertain.

Being could have the description of taking in the complex systems of nature and the nature of us

Reality then is the extra-ordinarily complex system of nature separate from one’s being but also encompassing our being.


The new school has qualities of the old school

The old school becomes the new school.

Examples: The Nag Hammadi library, Eleusinian Mysteries…


People’s ignorance of science astounds me. What shocks me is how easily people become persuaded by “common-sense” arguments instead of exploring the evidence given, and questioning the validity of claims along with the soundness of rigorous scientific logic. We live in an age where everyone uses GPS on their cellphones but no one seems to give a damn about Einstein’s theory of relativity which brought about these advances. Ironically we could use these devices to spread knowledge but rather we use them advantageously- playing app games to distract us from the reality of human communication i.e. social interaction- claiming that they make our lives easier when they simply make faster the speed at which information travels.

    If my friends dispute my knowledge of some fact at a dinner party, it has become easy for them to Google it in order to change my way of thinking (asserting one’s assurance with backing AKA supporting evidence). It’s no longer “Take my word for it!” or “Look it up for yourself!”


Is “pro-faith” scientist an oxymoron?


The fact that we cannot see “past” the ‘Big Bang’ is not a “limit of science” but rather a limit of the space-time dimensions of the Universe!

*People who want to invoke a GOD-OF-THE-HOLES-TO-PLUG-UP-OUR-IGNORANCE do no justice for rational thought

Misconceptions… Do people actually have FAITH in SCIENCE? Or does the method of science speak for itself? Nature is truth, whether you think it or not.

Don’t allow people (to try) to convince you any “proof” of the existence of “God” based on fallacies attached to the word SCIENCE

Some people might just not have the levels of abstraction to interpret scientific facts in order to discover the real implications of them-----> 

Thinking of life without INFLUENCE or INTELLIGENT DESIGN leaves people feeling comfortless and lacking meaning or purpose?

(The ego seems to feel like it never dies- attachment to the self makes the ego feel like the “spirit” of consciousness reincarnates in future forms)

The debilitating belief in God is not compatible with the method of inquiry we call the scientific endeavor

<<Through the Other we find Ourselves>>


Show me the facts! The evidence!

Do not rely on a leap of faith to forward a proposition for a “God-centric” Universe (i.e. a Universe created by God). The only time that “God” enters the picture of explaining the origins of the universe is when someone wishes to justify a belief in Him/Her by any means possible already.

One has no need for God (a man-made construct) in describing reality when the Wonder of Nature is great.

[Is the explanation of “God did it” characteristic of people not understanding something?

Is giving the “God did it” explanation evidence for one having a lack of knowledge or a fundamental preconception of how physics operate?]

Why does there exist an obsession with asserting that something else created the universe?

The universe could not have come into being in its earliest formation?


Like photons from a light source

The concept of the state of the things before the Big Bang as having no space- no time- no laws of physics- can only relate to a person’s conception of God in a nominal sense which is that it is inconceivable/incomprehensible (due to the three dimensions that we inhabit) and unknowable (due to the speed of light constant, the nature of time and gravity). “God” in this sense has no aspect of morality. It has no guiding principle or force. It just exists and our nervous system cannot process its power- OR it merely exists as a figment of our imagination, yet powerful still.

People who wish to stay in ignorance appear to exist in a state of “bliss” because they know not what they have to miss. Although a true state of bliss comes to one who has correct knowledge. He/She who deals with people choosing to live in ignorance knows that ignorance stems from fear and has no bliss.

To say one understands the COSMOS at the deepest level is to fail in grasping it fully.


Those who go on searching do not find.

The Peaceful One lets all things come naturally .

He/She does not force action.

He/She does not ask for material wealth from others.

He/She does not quarrel or become physically violent unless defending oneself

He/She keeps His/Her Inner Thoughts to Him/Herself


Believe in the Visions of Christ!

Those who have no God, no Higher Being, no attribution to a higher Divine Spirit-Essence…

Let them see IT in me!

Let them know of its Magnificence in my Grace.

Let them know that God is Mankind and that every worshipped deity in human history on Earth can become manifestations of the mind.


We ought to worship the living creatures by securing/conserving their natural habitats. The coeval animals with whom we share genetic information from our distant ancestors we ought to consider mythic and venerable. Yet we kill God’s animals and unknowingly destroy their territory/land, with the rationalization that humans (as higher primates) have more of a right to exploit resources because of our ability to think- regardless of how that negatively affects other species. I would argue that as intelligent beings we have more responsibility thrust upon us to protect the environment. God will not save us after we have destroyed Ourselves- She cannot… to prevent the destruction of that which gives us life...to prevent a calamitous demise of human civilization. The two things that we depend on for survival are two things taken most for granted. AIR and WATER. 

We know that the ecosystem has interconnectedness which has yet to become fully understood. We did not predict the shrinkage of native bee species’ populations. If we continue living without considering the consequences of our actions then we cannot predict the next catastrophe. Unfortunately, there is no way to replace these indigenous species once we have driven them to extinction. We do not know how we have affected the balance of the scales of nature. We do not have the technology to repair the damages that our technology inflicts on the atmosphere by changing chemistry of the air (for example, increased quantities of methane and carbon dioxide exacerbate the “greenhouse effect” increasing average global temperatures, which melts sea ice and frozen H20 in glaciers near the poles, which then raises the sea level).


The appearance of the action of the Cosmos need not make total sense to an Earthly being. What matters more is the ability to ask the most profound questions, and bask in knowing very little about that which we can never know. One can only kindle that feeling of awe about the meaninglessness of the Universe and OUR PLACE IN IT


Does WSJ writer use the word “God” as a ‘catch-all’ term for a sense of purpose?

[If so, his use of the word “God” is some sort of NEW AGE (Religion) DECEPTION]

If so, the advancements of scientific knowledge (in all fields) give humanity a sense of purpose (even spiritual wonder) without any need for a Creator other than the mother that gave birth to you (and that was just DNA replicated by a sperm and egg at that!)

*No need for an unmoved mover*

The facts laid before us in astronomy, modern particle physics and astrophysics which compare our modern cosmology goes beyond any intellectual’s concept of God in any ancient (or present-day) cosmogony. We no longer require an Imagined Entity to further the discovery of reality’s principle/laws/”patterns of change visible to us”. It does a disservice to the scientific community- playing the God-card- claiming that science has progressed to a point of conversion.

At no point will a sound scientific theory contain the infinite regression of the God hypothesis (nor is the Higgs-Boson the “God-particle”). Of course one has the freedom to express their views, but wrong views have no place in the discussion concerning the pursuit of higher knowledge.

It is also unfair to equate prominent physicists’ overwhelming feeling of “unity in nature” or “deeper profound reality” to a belief in “God.” There still exist preconceptions about what answers science has to offer, and then more misconceptions about those answers. The exploration of our world (and our mind) involves as much learning that one was wrong about the way things work than it is about learning new ways of the world. One can see how this could be difficult for some people whose entire Weltanschauung (“view of the world”) may seem challenged radically by the Western science paradigm. Fear of change often forces people to cling onto outdated belief systems. 

Some fear that science may compromise their values. Some see attitude changes as inherently negative and thus become unwilling to open their sense to the accepted truths. Living in the bubble of false security, they give up the security of knowing- of CERTAINTY. They’d rather not know than know too much- because to know too much means to change behavior.

Proper education needs to teach/discuss the ways of thinking about Ideas, rather than just the Ideas by themselves. Students need to see first-hand (or be able to visualize) the application of the process (Ideas) which they have learned.


Since when did stupidity become a valid excuse for doing non-sense things and creating a poor life for oneself?

Some people turn to religion for its view on morality- and/or likewise turn away from science for its apparent lack of morality. I would argue that the approach of ‘science’ is much more moral than religion for having morality centered on the individual (humanism) rather than some artificial being in the Heavens.


When people speak of “God,” do they mean consciousness?

How did we gain self-consciousness? (i.e. awareness of the mind)


Solve your own problems. Do not rely on others. Only one knows best what's right and good for them. When no one helps out, do it yourself. Go your own way- Blaze your own path. Do not follow those who merely walk down blind alleys- they often do not have the light of truth (and justice) to shine on the Way of Life. Live in the Spirit of the Moment. Don't work for nothing. Do things that you love to do. Make the American Dream happen- the new "American Dream." Not the old fake one. That's not realizable for everyone. Becoming oneself, finding people with equal mindsets, exploring the world, traveling the road which flows from the heart of the mountains to the heart of the city... We are separate-but-together. We appear different, but we are the same. We have become one-and-equal. To think you're the one and only to have love and still feel lonely- The mind burns on like a raging fire... unable still to quench all desire. Physical, mental, and spiritual want causes pain- "belongingness," attachment to objects/others/self brings about suffering…


Let the gravestones at the edge of town remind you that we live just to die…

And you don’t want to die here.


River flowing endlessly

Flows to the ocean 

WAA- waves...brings back this feeling-

Moment of clarity

Moments of validation

See passed the void -----> into the energy

Awaken the mind

Sleep in the heavenly space

(glorious, hopeful place)

To be in a foreign place

(to know the eternal grace)

Face the facts of life

Discerning lies from truths

Gives one a blinding sight


Am I seeing? Am I being things?

Am I hearing things?

    Am I fearing things?

Am I nearing the end?


No one but yourself to blame for…



“All-is-One, One-is-All”

There exists Physical truths

The Laws that govern the Experiencing of Reality.

Such as the Laws of Conservation and Thermodynamics

(No duality of mind-and-matter)


When oppressed in a society, people will eventually rise up

Teach, don’t preach

You live and you learn

Live and let live

The answer to any question can be found within the mind



Had the strangest feeling of “jamais vu”, or having been someplace for the first time.

At the cusp or edge of an event horizon


Knowledge awaits

The truth will prevail

All that lives eventually decays


Transcend your pre-conceived notions of “God” if you still wish to adhere to a belief in “Him/Her”

We all have divinity within us- It is only a matter of “divining” our souls

God transcends all words and thought

    Beyond being and non-being

Truth and beauty

Two things that one cannot define yet we all know it when we see it


Beginning of life- Evolution of invertebrate organisms- *Dinosaur extinction*

How we evolved into modern humans today (the lower function) is different from what we’re evolving into now (higher function)... the adaptations that helped humans survive in grasslands and plains are no longer as helpful/useful in earning a living/finding a mate.

Our animal nature needs to be sublimated into a group-centered social intelligence (knowing how to get along with a group, needing the group in order to hunt and support families). Other desirable characteristics/traits are selected- morality and intelligence are sought more than dominant behaviors.


How to love yourself=

Stay healthy: Eat well, exercise

Mental focus: Reading


I’m happy to be alive!

Let go- Don’t hold on

Explore deeper states of consciousness

Escape your mind-body

“Know thyself; do not follow the multitudes” - inscription at the Oracle of Delphi

Embody Christ

Express your mind/ Inner Self


Why do we feel so much loss when someone we know decides to move on with their life?

We ought to feel joy for having had that person in our life at all.

Why do we miss someone so much after they’re gone when we were lonely all along?

<Effective writing paints a picture with the descriptive words it uses>

The sense of time

The magic and mystery of the mind


Resorting to violence is a sign of weakness

People respect those who have humility and no ego about the great things they do.

What causes paranoid mistrust in the government? What makes conspiracy theories plausible to so many people? 

Can the government be trusted?


Know what you do well

Know your limits

Have determination

Perseverance, persistence

Have perspective

Set out to achieve your goals

Don’t let anything stop you

Embrace being weird

Being a freak of nature

Being different

Stay informed


Living inside a bubble

    A self-created paradigm

Feeling you lack the willpower

Struggling to find empathy

Letting go of a lingering emotion of “love”

(or is it uninformed desire hastening towards disaster)

Love grows from a wellspring of attraction and happiness…

Rather than lusting over strangers anxiously while quickly losing faith in oneself and faith in “love” (forming a deep connection with someone)

Value independence

Probably come off as too needy


Life is wondering what’s gonna come your way next. What are you going to make happen? Make big changes in the way you’re living and it may pay off in rewards which are immeasurable. Life itself does not have a value (“you cannot put a price on it”). Life has no intrinsic value yet we must value life and overall well-being for those living. Life as whole on our planet has created abundance and diversity in the DNA/gene pool to perpetuate LIFE as we know it in some way or another regardless of the circumstances on the global ecosystem of Earth.


Wake up if you are sleeping

Arise if you are awake

Become free with us…


When the Earth stands still and the stars switch to opposite poles- when the lava flows and ash clouds loom overhead, what government can possibly save us? No one but us. Wind-power and greenhouses. Solar energy and water conservation/recycling. It’s very possible that human life on this Earth has less time than we realize.

With unpredictable changes in weather patterns due to global warming, we humans may have brought upon ourselves a world-wide crisis with cataclysmic disasters that we have no way to prepare for, in terms of wide-scale emergency relief. In the occurrence of coastal cities becoming mostly inhabitable because of rising sea levels, people will lose their homes and become forced to be relocated.

Humans must abandon their current lifestyle. We should be conserving our limited resources on this planet.


Time has no task but to tick

Life has no option but to live

A woman has no way but to wonder

The race of man has no choice but to sacrifice


Hanging on by a thread

Fearing death

Life is always on the edge of death

We as animals are never far from the possibility of extinction

Most of the things that people worry or complain about are trivial compared to the higher purposes of mankind…

We focus on terrestrial affairs rather than cosmic

Remembering that we’re in space, in a galaxy in a cosmos


Life gets shorter everyday but life is too short anyway...Live life as though you’d live long


“God”/The Universe



There is no time without space

There is no space without time

The subjective feeling of free will 

And the objective appearance of determinism and environmental factors


Thought becomes you

What you think becomes what you recognize as your “self”

Perhaps there exists no “self” and what we have always considered real is actually an illusion


When did we decide we weren’t gonna hide in the face of fear?


Action without action

Doing without doing

“Mind with no-mind”


We live in a fantasy world in our heads. Nothing in our minds has any “reality.” We live in a reality coexisting with intersubjective “realities.”


It appears as if the patterns we see in/on the physical world are projections of the mind rather than intrinsic qualities of the physical world.


There was a time when I did not contemplate mortality and death. 

I just knew I’d grow old and things wouldn’t be so simple.

There was a time when things didn’t matter much at all- 

Poverty, starvation, war, threat of nuclear catastrophe, and overpopulation were not on my mind.


My guitar...I lie next to her body in bed...sometimes she sings a lullaby...a song to lull me to sleep



Richard Dawkins, Douglas Hofstadter, Graham Hancock, Carl Sagan…Gödel, Escher, Bach…

Ekundayo, Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso, Alexander Calder

Change Happens (2016)

The masterpiece is not complete until the last brushstroke, although it takes a million or so brushstrokes to create a master worthy of a masterpiece

A crow cawing in the night
No longer anyone around to protect the innocent
No more remorse for the horrible deeds of the past
No more sympathy for the mothers & fathers who lost their children to the beast [not even the master can tame the beast- the beast within- the animal nature]
The ills of mankind which are reflections of the artificial pain and self-induced suffering, as if we were not suffering enough… Society adds more pain without much promise of gain
The same repeating pattern of life & death disguised as a game
We make the old mistakes but give them a different name
“If we don’t support the frame, we won’t have a foundation to maintain…”
The simplicity of living in the city but knowing nobody in the vicinity
Lonely masses hurrying hopelessly and openly without openness
The homeless repairing a hole in the heart where the mind wandered off
Problems are temporary when one has ways to forget, the solutions are hard to obtain when one has nowhere to start
The factions of people operating in fear, stuck in methods of earning income, not questioning the system that feeds off them, never spending the time to see friends & family, nor finding practical enjoyment in freedom (not just an escape but a freedom in which one has awareness of being alive)
We don’t just live to survive (to feed ourselves and die) but we exist to have liberty, find ourselves, experience higher states of consciousness, express higher abstractions and forms a.k.a. Art
We wish to surpass the physical & emotional needs to fulfill the spiritual needs, to feel achievement & accomplishment in one’s being, to understand the nature of existence and the meaning of our individual & collective place in the universe- to have community and experience love, peace and happiness…

Waking up from an ocean of dreams & only remembering a droplet from the cosmic water...it’s possible to have too much of a good thing

Ruthlessly awaiting death
Haunted by the sound of silence
Tempted by the song of doom
Digging for pieces of ourselves in ancient ruins
Researching the complicated order of life
Contemplating the complementary opposites
The structures that contribute to society
Squandering the days which pass us by
No one can fight the balance of nature
We will be defeated by trying to defeat nature
We can work with nature as our guide- as our source
Nature has a plan but it has no intention
And one certain thing about nature is that it appears chaotic
The nature of reality has often provoked deep questions:
What is the property of life?
What is the substance of reality? (Which can tell us much about the nature of consciousness?)
What is reality without consciousness?
What is mind?
What can we consider real versus what is just a reality of the mind?
Is there an objective reality? Or just subjective experience?
[with a ceramic face and complimentary smile]

Makeshift midnight melodies marking mirrors with morning madness, not to be mixed up with mourning and sadness
Laughing and carelessness, restlessness and festive activities
Irrelevance and prevalence- semblance of reality, not knowing the predicate
A friend is nothing but a future enemy- We all live in different realms
People are sounds of voices occasionally making eye contact
They decide whether they want to respond or react depending on their mood (time of the day, what they ate) and creativity, if they see themselves as created or the creator
Do we create reality? Or does our experience become pre-destined merely by the constraints of the brain-mind and the physical possibilities of the universe? [Universal Being]
Are we living in a probability machine that tends to seek out the Good for people’s genuine happiness?

Happiness must be cultivated
A year has elapsed and nothing seems to have changed for the better
The only thing that has changed is the Essence of Being
I am but who am I? Me? The Ego?
I am not a thing. I am no-thing.
There exists no experience nor experiencer.
Nothing yet everything exists.
Who is the experiencer who observes ego-death? Buddhahood?
The True Self has no conception of self- thus no-self (anatman)(anatta)

Life cannot regret when every mistake becomes a learning experience
The stubborn person can only regret their stubbornness at the end of a life of no-change
Those who were deaf to the advice of their peers can now listen and follow
They can wake up to a new day with new thinking and novel practices

You have a vision shared by nobody
(and that’s why they criticize what they can’t see)

What is the Absolute? The One? The Whole?
What is time for a tree? How do plants experience time?
(The philosopher asks questions but expects few answers- it’s more important to think than always to know- to know everything would not be very fun but to wonder and never stop wondering is what has importance)
Wisdom in life is knowing that you know nothing
Memories play tricks on the mind
What is the importance of memories?
Do we attach our idea of self to our memories?
Are we simply the collection of memories of our life?
Nothing is what you think it is
Life only has meaning in relation to the meaning that we give it
Reality exists because we have consciousness and we describe reality through intersubjectivity of experience as it appears to us. We can discover truths in nature through interaction with our environment, and we can discover truths about ourselves through observation of our cognitive processes and through interaction with other minds. Ultimately our behavior dictates how we function in our environment and how we interact with other social animals. Our evolution and development affect how our brains work, what we think, how we talk with & act towards other people.

Many people are uninformed in thinking that knowledge is perception. “Reality” is like an optical illusion, what one sees is not really there. Our perception of time and space (proxemics) are ways that our brain has evolved in order to navigate our world. Our perception is not perfect, but it is rather good for the function it evolved for: adaptation to the environment.

With each inquiry into meaning, the meaning is lost. The miracle of life goes unrecognized- taken for granted. People juggling their ego-trip with no thought of the possibility of losing ego because to many people the idea of losing their ego is losing their self- one’s self identification comprises of worldly attachments and pursuits of worldly attainment for security (as opposed to spiritual attainment) not realizing that the aim for worldly possessions brings no true fulfillment. The betterment of one’s higher self (artistic ability, for example, realizing one’s potential and finding value in what one does) can afford one a life of meaning although it may not produce a luxurious life- the “dream life” that most people desire. There is a price to pay for mental baggage associated with striving for material riches but possessions do not promise any fundamental happiness. The goal of human life is spiritual well-being, not monetary gain. And rightly so, people are concerned with taking care of their families, almost inevitably making the same mistakes as their predecessors. Fear looms heavy on the souls of men and women.

Having truth is knowing what not to think
Laughing in the face of death
The mind-senses are everything to us
What is more real?: The visions (beautiful radiant) OR Ultimate Reality
The mind and its thoughts seem more real than sense-perception
The simultaneity-synchronicity only appears so from the subjective observers’ perspective; all things are relative from one’s point of view… no thing stands all alone by itself; there’s an interconnectivity of all phenomena...an interwoven fabric of space and time- our physicality does not experience the laws of physics on the grander scale yet it makes up our very being.
The universe seems mysterious yet it seems like it wasn’t a mistake that we exist the way we do, in the shape and form of which we manifest- it doesn’t seem like an accident that our planet is habitable for life, in a solar system that otherwise seems devoid of life. It seems that it’s likely for some kind of life to develop and flourish under such conditions...and given our circumstances, it seems highly probable that complex life (multicellular organisms) could evolve on other planets in our galaxy with the right variables (especially the presence of water existing in the “Goldilocks zone”).

Our perceptions are worth observing but not to be taken too seriously. One must see perceptions as what they are and not as the way it is. No one has control over the way it is, but people certainly control the way they see things.

The world has mystery. Does anyone know what we’re supposed to be doing? Is there any grand “purpose” to existence besides interacting with other members of our species? Sharing stories and alternate perspectives? Do we find out who we are through other people? Do we discover “meaning” by seeing the unity and harmony between all perspectives? Can we learn to understand ourselves through the ideas that we share with people?

A person’s worldview (or idea of how “reality” operates) seems directly related to one’s experience of reality. This includes one’s exposure to different ideas (knowledge) and the consequences of one’s actions/ social behavior (wisdom). If one has nothing smart to say, it’s best to keep one’s mouth shut. What goes unspoken cannot be misinterpreted- but likewise, silence can speak volumes.

What’s the good in learning a lesson if the mistakes have already been made? What if Earthlings heat up the planet’s atmosphere past the point of no return? What if the planet’s human population exceeds its carrying capacity and ability to produce enough food?
In order to change the system we need more people to become aware of the problems and stand up and speak out...but people are satisfied and content. When people are not going hungry- and adequately sedated with technology- they choose not to rise up. They live without any qualms except for the meaningless things that seem to make life somewhat easier, forgetting the meaningful things that control us everyday.

What gives us the need to know about the world in certainty? What gives us the desire for material things? What causes lust?
Why do humans seek comfort in death?
Why do people become paralyzed by the thought of their own mortality? Everyone wonders about their existence. We all have questions about our place in the universe. Why do we live just to suffer? Why do people waste their time on trivialities?
Humans are great at self-deception. Cognitive dissonance serves some kind of evolutionary function. We must adapt by becoming aware of ourselves- look at ourselves objectively
Why do we love? Does anyone know what love is?

Ancient peoples had a better understanding of Being- a better “connection” to the world because of their use of psychedelics through the rituals of religion (“religio”: to reconnect). This seems evident in the art of ancient history. They understood intuitively what modern humans cannot discover through empirical analysis of objective reality. Psychedelics advanced our evolution- changed our brains, influenced human thinking and affected social behavior in early human development from prehistoric times through ancient history up to the end of antiquity (from “cave art” to the “Eleusinian mysteries”).
Collective knowledge (collective consciousness) is contained within our ancestral DNA and it can become “activated” or discovered through the use of psychedelics (in the proper set & setting). This is not only revealed during the “trip” (the introspection into the inner processes of the mind) but also prolonged into the adulthood of the spiritual explorer (psychonaut or “shaman”).

What has happened to having a nuanced position or argument? People seem to have forgotten about the complexity of the issues we deal with contemporarily. People want to argue that it's either ‘this’ or ‘that’ with no recognition of views ‘in-between.’ No issue that we are presented with today has a simple solution. There’s a reason that moral dilemmas exist.

Love is war.
Happiness has no measure- but there may exist corollaries. We can only know happiness relative to others’ suffering. There’s no happiness in wanting what other people have, because it might seem like people have more than you but then you may find out that they have twice as many problems as you do, that they have less happiness because they can’t enjoy things as much as one can enjoy a pure contemplative state of being. They can’t exist in a state of wonder in the bliss of pure awareness because they’re always chasing a material hoax. Some people cannot step back to realize that what they’re always grasping for and trying to attain has no fundamental reality. They never stop to seek their truth because they spend all of their time working towards a goal which is a lost cause. Most people work for a company which has separate interests from the worker. One works all day, five days a week, and never reap the benefits which that corporation provides. The single motive is profit. People in that predicament cannot develop a worldview, or work towards self-improvement and spiritual attainment. People’s view of the world becomes what they see on television or social media and they become indoctrinated into beliefs rather than thinking for themselves based on evidence from books and using logic and reason to form opinions.
There’s a time when we question what it all means. Is it possible for life to be divine without postulating a divine being? Can I point out that certain feats of life on Earth and humanity in particular seem miraculous without assuming that a true miracle has to occur to explain it all? Am I allowed to awe at Nature’s glorious beauty and feel inspired by the abundance of life without attributing its bounty to the grace of God? Do I need to presume the existence of a timeless celestial superbeing to rest assured on how the universe exists and why it created us? [Is people’s idea of God simply an aspect of human consciousness, or self-awareness that feels “foreign” or “alien” to most people, enough so that they project this feeling of awareness and intentionality as a supernatural entity which watches over them and presides over the intellect?
Conveniently the belief in such an entity helps one to answer (rather inadequately in my opinion) the unsolvable questions, such as “why do people act the way they do?” and “why do bad things happen to good people?”- giving people a sense of comfort (although false comfort) rather than accepting hard truths (and discerning from falsity), for example, holding onto a belief in the afterlife because it comforts feelings while neglecting the apparent facts about the nature of consciousness. Instead of contemplating complicated issues of morality, it’s much easier to cite the absolute morality of a supreme authority called God who knows all things and does everything for a reason (more psychological projection of the ego).

Wasting away as a body and mind
Wasting my abilities and wasting my time
Oh, we have fun pretending that nothing really matters
Pretending we don’t really care

Lay me to rest- Bury me in the ground- Let the earth by my coffin- Let the heavens be my witness- Let the world know peace until hell freezes over- May the animals fight over territory and play the God-given roles of predator and prey- May the plants and insects live in harmonious accord- Let the fire burn until its last flames- Let the water flow down the valleys and canyons in its life-giving stream- May the mountains crumble into the sea as the wanderer stumbles over the hills on the pathway which leads to the place where he/she feels free- May the fish rise up to the surface momentarily for an evening bite to eat- Let the cows graze the pastures where they feel at home- Let all men and women get along for they know one thing equally the same: that life is valuable and we don’t need much to become happy- We only live once and life doesn’t last long- It goes by faster than you think- Like a shooting star, a blink of an eye, a light from a firefly, a fleeting high, a midnight sigh...- Let the wind sweep the leaves from under my feet- Let tonight’s sleep remove the weariness from my tired mind- Let the dreams bring me to a place within the deep space of subconscious realm- May we prosper and die when it’s our time to die- May the flower of divine life bloom whether or not there exists someone or something to internalize its beauty- May the world & universe continue to have an objective meaning & purpose (without intention) regardless of the existence of an observer’s mind and eye

Life’s uncertainty forces one to make things happen, to take responsibility for the consequence of one’s actions. It allows one to not feel too much surprise when in the moment of an unexpected event.
Society is held together by the fabric of real human interaction- people talking face-to-face, recognizing emotions in facial expressions and tone of voice. We establish true ‘tangible’ meaning by observing how people say things other than merely the content of what is being said.
Social media is a fake popularity contest- a game of who can win the most social approval. It gives people a charge of motivation but it only grants people a determinate amount of immediate happiness. People’s inordinate fulfillment and satisfaction depends on having intimate friendships and overall positive relationships with people whom one is close with. Life’s value and meaning relies on bonds.

*You can’t try doing everything in one day because then nothing will get accomplished or done any good*

For most people dreams remain dreams and then they die. People want to sit around divulging in their shattered egos until their waiting goes nowhere… How do people expect to catch the train if they’re nowhere near the tracks? One can’t make a living being a freak unless you join the circus. People ride off the imaginings of their ill determined destiny. People look for easy money rather than work towards something productive and manageable. Knowledge is power, but not the abusive kind of power held by people with seemingly little knowledge.

I don’t feel like myself. A page has turned in my life. I don’t see myself like I used to and I wonder if I have changed or just my view of things. Times are changing but it’s a matter of adapting to that change and not getting swept up with it. No one remains the same person for their entire life. Personality changes as people grow and experience new things. People don’t really know what they want in life but they know that they want. Desire seems to drive us forward but few people have an end-goal in sight. One might have an unique vision for Earth and its inhabitants in the long-term but the ordinary person’s vision is very near-sighted. People have a myopic view of the future, and most people seem quick to forget the past. Because of this, we’re bound to repeat the mistakes in the lessons of history. We’re bound to overestimate our ability to support ourselves in times of hardship and crises. What’s the point in trying to lead the blind when they claim that they can see? How do you convince people that their ideas and actions are doing more harm than good when they claim to have righteousness?
The truth lurks in the murky waters- the dark depths of the subconscious which few people have the fortitude and qualifications (character) to explore. Sometimes it requires a good dose of melancholy to know what joy is when you feel it. Sometimes the only thing that comforts your sorrow and grief is the knowledge that it won’t last forever.
Everything has impermanence.
Appearances are not reality.
All life has sanctity.
Meaning has intersubjectivity.
Love has no boundaries.
People fight wars to make peace.
People make music to quiet the mind.
Sometimes people have to lose their mind to free their soul.
Change happens. How one deals with change is what defines one’s character

Consciousness has no explanation, no description.
History and evolution can explain our behavior and ideas.
The lightning, thunder and rain brings the moment to the forefront of awareness.
People make the mistake of confusing lust with love.
Quantum physics determines the probability of all events and actions. What about free will?
Our instincts were beneficial for the survival of our species on the plains of the savannah but conscious reasoning benefits us in modern day civilized society.
We no longer rely on discriminative perception and consciousness to evade harmful predators or to track down prey. We use our brains for higher goals like understanding our universe and admiring the beauty of nature on this planet and our place in it.
Religion and mythology is useful to understand how our minds intuit and make sense of the world with introspection and imagination. It highlights the human need to tell stories and have a narrative for human growth and progress. It gives us a compelling look at the natural answers that our ancestors gave for the deep questions of life. That’s why people still look towards religion as moral guidance, because the concept of God relieves people of the pain of asking those hard questions and answering those questions for themselves.

A blackbird sleeps in the dark of night
Waiting to feed on the worms in the morning light
Its eyes glimpse the shadows made by the moon in its graceful flight
Its sound is silence as the roosters crow just out of sight
And as the horizon transforms into blue, growing bright
The dew drops turn the green grass into a sheet of white

There was a time when everything was good and groovy until it all went ka-boom!
And here we are.
Dig it man.
Well, of course it all evolved into what we are today-
All of the galaxies, super clusters, solar systems, elements, molecules, organisms…
(Evolution or Involution?)

Most good things come to an end eventually, while sometimes they change or transform into something new but even that thing eventually comes to an end and transforms into something else.
(This is not vague and ambiguous at all- and rigorous logic)
The exceptions do not disprove the rule.
There’s an awakening and there’s a darkening. The Spirit rises and it falls.
We love and grow while others hate and destroy.

Like a lotus blossoming- our lives enfold outward
The future will have moments that are more magical than the past
We will have experiences that seem more fantastical and dreamlike than anything we can imagine in the present

Beat Music Mind (2009)

phone falls off the hook itself
other end screaming asking how it's done with "what's in it?" all...
neck still cranked, mouth dry, shoulder blades burning, legs wasted,
arms hang deadweight, heartbeat shakes body
twisted abdomen mother major markers monitored for monstrous capacity
menstrual mayhem just has to do with the moon- Grinch steals X-mas
then finishes off his roast beef with a taste of wine- furnished nicely
chatting with the schizophrenic children
onomatopoeia: space, tap, melt
[purple is a smell no doubt]
chief maiden writes final thoughts for God + philanthropy-
millions of years pass before its noon;
there's a moment that lasted centuries,
staring at galaxies that have been watching for star-eternities
as one pulls together
their most recent contraptions
and sets them loose on his lawn
but its green and bright- 

want to go inside early but its
a difficult one to trick- 

by dreams of dismay
not our truly mixed minds that haven't
changed but perhaps gotten stuck
into ways that will show us how
bottoms-out it can be and with that
inert will behind every set, match
let's attack (release) when defense down-
but all out gives all protection
weeks count up to months lasting years
of cut up nonsense that tends to
wither in all its magically intense splendor and glory
pages of old must be re-written
no matter how lengthy our mistakes- truths come to light
for those who speak unaware of their
own power/ perspective/ insight/ movement
in the universe- the magnitude of
frostflakes melting to the warmth of
un-chillable fingertips
first-time always remembered
best for everything-
activation- stimulation; sensory overload
step back- take a look:
tea leaf on the handle, detector lights,
footsteps, god crossed out, TV show-
no difference
beat music mind
bender melter multi-tasker
communicator discoverer locator
pusher-taker decision-of-a-lifetime
no thank you i don't eat lies
light this cigarette numb to the
exercise of peace knowing the
world as a maze to fall into deep...
get out of hell easier with high spirits,
no more dreary medicine
to weigh down the climb
lift up the burdens one just imagines to say
one can take it all off with a kneel
time that just disappears with the
switch of a light- fun that lasts
like the feeling of a mystery before its solved-
an answer does not even satisfy when the question is
not understood-
playing in water calls for splashing and getting no more wet
some coffee shifts the balance
to a creativity consisting of oil liners sitting out Arabian seas
desert thieves hide in waves too
masterful sorrow that begs for a tear
wasted in a vat lined with a strangers pocket schemes?

to know how sweet the spring blossoms really are
one must get close enough to smell but not to eat...
tearing a piece into the memory-moment like a scar
there it lies outlined by negativity
invisible still is each bit of positivity
there's not another capillary
in my eyeballs that could be bulging-
bumping to the critical boom blast sent through the spine
every so often when the rain off your roof pours into a wishing well
dreams pulled-in one by one by a dwarf who compiled
only to the whirling winding stream
of his rocky desire which today
recognized a young prince fit for a maiden,
who could be seen too as beautiful- not by his side-
in the fatal bags of his eyes known well to serpent kings-
worn many by a haunted ninja
barrels sent to the depths to conjure up a toad
the dwarf was happy with the little two liver <SPLIT LIFE>
it lives gladly in a puddle by the great houserock
far away from the rose garden
closer to the patch of scented timothy
and sunflowers that tower unimpeded...
left lane means for no hurry but well on our way,
if not in on it already someway of
the cybertech jumble mystification to facilitate sexual drive-
reversing inputs for a separate output
one eye and a red bandana
motorcycle mist and leather-boots
conditional quotes taken out context
for a day-old riddle's clue

let the sound take you to a place of its own-
no longer sit in the midst of its making but leave it alone
and the line wears out into a phrase of regular speech
until a note by itself in earnest of trust that
it will go on and on and on
just allow for a tiny sliver to slip and it steps
catching up to oneself is hard going
so slow on paper and so diverted in head
collecting perfection while backtracking to fix the happenings
unknown to the casual observer-
those future occurrences that coincident with the present-
now ahead back here
don't have time to dream lonely limits
to actual choices for responsibility (as it is claimed)
ability to respond in a controlled manner
to claims placed on one by appropriated situation, 'cause
it's all decided in advance,
to be free                      
                                                            or NOT
it's insisted that nothing gets in the way of death
taking away our freedom
it may be rather enjoyable
because one would not wish for a life of continued pain...
few seeds are planted...
many pathways have been established...
tunnels of love...
that take one into the heart of an uncontrollable lust to be loved
which is quite on the contrary for someone to love my life.
but that cannot appropriately be done in unity
when i am the only fool that loves my life.
the world is our universe.
the body is our mind.
sunday someday-morning
sunday smoke-dew disappears  
sunday study- distance damager
monday shower
birmingham must have been bad.
haters...blowin up hot. blue.
gotta do something bout my own doubts.
the box is no fun.
rather throw it around a bit
special moments mentioned at reunion of clans
to see how change has crawled to its corners...
or stands in the middle of the room
with a cough on my toes touching the ceiling
hitting the same old spot of tender hatred
how sad
it's a story. the intimateness of a girl who gave her heart away
to see how fragile one really can be. cute but daring.
punished and deserving.
loved and serving. well...
start of a new day
end of an old one
middle of winter
sight of the cold sun
last of ten in a race
never stops- all over again
when the lizard dies
its cage is emptied
sensations of primordial ecstatic joy
false hope- enjoying an idea more than the present's possibilities
much respect for brothers with humility
genes give us power to mutate
concentration allows that form to dictate
pernicious defacers venerate
vacuous vehement vernacular
never easier has anyone had it then myself
with this wicked and discernèd tongue
inquisitive enough for the dragon of fear
to touch fire to his lips in my presence-
rabbits cower in the darkness of predator's sight
when it goes unanswered...
how am i still up here? in this state of paralysis- analysis-
closer look at the callouses
that every individual has grown accustomed to
in order to form a sensory block
to all that gets people vexed up nowadays in this
neo-government controlled consumer culture
some decide that they are their TV sets-
life now stuffed with advertisement commercials,
larry king has an interview with rescue workers
and laughs at their stupid comments
governor of cali has big plans
but can't go anywhere anymore with his movie career
america sacrifices itself for a neatly swept hole-
men take their time to lower their own feet onto the burial ground,
using cut-up fingers to pull rock and sand
until knees are locked and covered with dirt
flies have waited days to feast on a dying corpse
touched and taken away by decay
birth- death- rebirth
the most off day is on
the wind blows the door wide open
decaying flowers
pretty boy rots in hell
pretty girl cries in heaven
scent of rose as one walks past
stemmed trimmed watered
petals curl uptight-
wait for next food order in-line no deal
time has come to sit back and imagine the ideas
that come to play in the mind
because some thoughts may be trippin
when it comes to playing the game
where you handle the ball,
decide to score in any goal that's open and shot-worthy
hang out mostly with vegetables
sometimes at a party
just have to cook them up in stock and make a soup!
but the serving plates always arrange a prime number-
only divisible by one and itself
time gets stuck in the places where no corner goes empty in the box
unconscious and conscious of it
is that right?
not wrong to say a thing unless to fight
there’s no mystery because it’s been solved
all throughout and dissolved
until one sees the question as having the answer
free from answers
lower the bar and let more
handle a taste of drink for blasting the night away into dawn
clouds hide the gibbous
seeds ready to be a’planted
wet ground; slippery
careful of the mud!
writer’s journey calls for one to begin underlining and numbering
systemizing- for its an intricate design that does
with no push for an intelligence that is describing…discriminating
no burning old books that hold those questions we ask on school buses
or lunch halls
just bibles… for every man that spews hate in the name of an idol-
or speaks heavenly dreamy things about their idea of God i.e. themselves
But save a page from Revelation- The End- and Genesis- The Beginning
If you see that
you know but can’t hardly tell
You can’t tell that you don’t know what it is that you see
If you know what you see but still can’t hardly tell, go to sleep cause’ youz in a jail cell
Don’t ask why- the truth don’t deny it
conscious evolution it’s been decided
unconscious still go divided-
one ever-reaching glow
    one ever-knowing silence
        one ever-expanding-

day-by-day unplanned- explained
second-by-second seems to be a plan
breath-by-breath cancels all mental plans
you are in control
go ahead
be director
good luck a big audience showed up
to know the future is just to know the past.
to know the Now is to know no past nor future
but to know the timelessness of “one second” or of “twenty years”

working backwards through time
one must know what they want out of the future
in order to turn the past around…
and to bring the future ahead to now

smoking will make it all go by without a word about it…
keeps in a hurry to get to the next
when the last was important!
tells one to slow down in order to see how fast it all goes by
at a fine dinner with my mom
I ecstatically remark that the Pepsi in front of me tastes unusually good.
I continue smiling at the pleasure.
I do not look, but feel my mom’s eyes on me…
She picks up the drink to detect if there is any rum…
Of course my smiling can’t be 'cause of me
but it is the Pepsi…
that is the illusion of the material world.
the books sit there-
read, understood, then finished…
written but when really understood?
questioning is often all that is needed to give the right answer
a question like “why” is quite natural for it posits into an explanation of circumstances
which surround some kind of being, or reasoning.
Reasoning is a part of life. Some try to reason life itself.
Life has no reason, though life is the reason.
Life is not the reason because it has no reason,
or that reasoning is a part of it-
but life is the reason because reason is not all of life…
ACTION says much more
stacks and stacks of books are one thing,
piles of clothes= one
the things on my shelf scream SAMSARA
though they too are suffering and cessation of it which make one= one
particles flying out to infinity
infinity either approaches an ordered system in chaos
or approach a chaotic system going into more and more order.
19 years old and conscious 1 year
was I always happy?
there must have been many moments:
but somehow I knew that:
[sorrow becomes joy.]
when the snow melts
mud will turn to dirt
grass will grow in the sunshine
clouds will overcast the august moon
a lion will die with the wind and nightfall
seven lies will become virtuous
ten days will die with memory
always mesmerized by the memories of first time
meeting Jeff the Dragon (had long dreads at the time)
after playing a “wonderful set”
(as I remember the feelings)
and went out of Spanky’s to enjoy a cig…
Time must have slowed as he walked around the corner
and our eyes met and then the profound
He assured me all was good-
and I remember there was fear of this man
but it was more of UNKNOWN-
or maybe even I felt like I was about to know.
Fear was mixed with the sensation of “freshness”
and “pleasantry”…
I was thinking of what I don’t know…
perhaps that He knew…
one can only feel their own pain,
but only has to see to feel another’s…
same goes for JOY
the concept of being free from the ‘clockhand’ of time is
who GRASP the concept of time.
all of the ways of life do not often satisfy me
for example, my own actions!
one must have all effort of the mind to have stillness.
the body by itself cannot stay still…
one expects great things in the future
although expectations are aroused by the past,
the greatest thing must be now
old philosophies do not (could not)
predict the level of intellectual abstractions of 2009
today means one more time as one see the month march by
may be forgetfulness turned around and reinforced-
held up by a staff entwined by a serpent
until the serpent sheds its outer skin
woke up on March 15th
got in the car
drove around to Sylvan Lake and there’s a house on fire!
goin backwards now
beware of the ides of march!
it might just have enough energy
to straighten your back!
how to raise kids? best education? what do youths seek?
what has all and every generation accumulated their data for?
is a cultural purpose acknowledged?
what does TV do?
do politics affect morals?
I believe that over time men and women have done writing and essays on subjects often to
simply expand upon an understanding of a ‘normal’ idea (or even define words in new terms)…
so that others can come about and CONNECT these various “exposées” to confer on some illusive truths.
An example of this is how an artist may begin an inquiry into a large social convention
to see that there are numerous “parts” that need to be specialized before a “whole” understanding can be achieved.
I feel that in history there have been many proud specialists and relatively few GENERALISTS.
This may involve a high-level analysis in the language sense, the logical sense, and interaction between the two.
Also, visual aspects to understanding and the large role of auditory stimuli in the togetherness
<Neuroscience, Psychology, History, Language, Math, Science, Religion>
Conventional versus Ultimate Truths
What is Truth? (What is Falsehood?)
What I dream of creating is a SIMPLE TEXT using everyday words about the everyday things
just so the young man in Missouri finds simplicity in truth, rather than the Bible…
“God” is too simple….
in a tone that doesn’t have to deny the “existing structure,” 

but somehow uses it to extract its “ironic” points
(with tedious counter-arguments…)
I think therefore I don’t get anywhere sometimes.
Is marriage inevitable?
Not to be alone maybe-
to die knowing the one beside you best must be virtuous,
but virtuous to let that one die alone?
To get a job for food and shelter is all… one needs.
Are children a necessity?
The scope of consciousness and the future?
Surely I am a part of the process…but can it be viewed in parts?
The body is frail and I cannot hold onto such ideas of being here “very long”
The body must live long by use of the mind-
that my ideas can help one live longer.
One often says something to the affinity of exhibiting other people’s flaws,
and in doing so manifest the flaws of which oneself had been previously unaware.
Little sleep, but body warmth returns-
the mind capitulates the thought and how it falls down to the pen and page
-falls to time-
one wonders “how could it be this way?” and also “how can I make it be this way?”
often hungry but small appetite
a cigarette (and subsequent thought of life-death) becomes the only worthy meal…
hours turn to days and days into weeks
months go by to anticipate a moment-
a moment that anticipates NOTHING (to do with time)
or anything for that matter
“I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom.”

- Bob Dylan

“I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of freedom that comes with his responsibility.”

- ME
God bless the harmonica… and the steam engine


undeveloped photos
memories never come out and no one is watching TV in here but me
and the TV is in my mind
variable lagging in wires knotting up to snot out consciousness
feeding back in loops “about” some indeterminate thing
just as one hyperventilates and one does not get enough air
when one grasps on impulse
one does not reach out to take
absorbing more
    by releasing first
there’s no one to see or hear it:
does the tree actually fall in the woods?
Poor Bob didn’t see or hear it, but we haven’t heard from him since
listen then hear
think then speak
watch then see
one hears meaning in every little thing…
and see every little thing as somewhat meaningless
watching silently one can often tell things that are out of other’s perception
one always hears what others do not intend to share
the secrets people keep, but do not know of their secrets
in keeping track of the future
I lost track of now
but only see this as I keep track of the past
mosh-mosh of nonsense and things gone all wrong!
that is all right too
it appears six months went by without noticing much
with nothing really to do one gets focused on everything all at once
and no single necessary act is accomplished! ugh…
NOW must become THEN, for THEN to ALWAYS BE
relax and go slow
the tears will heal wounds
but will not stop one from getting hurt
sleep will cure wakefulness
but will not prevent one from getting tired
a thought will help the mind
but not very able to think out the condition
say “no” to the evil, say “yes” to the well-being= too simple?
everyone wants people to assist their needs…
but people don’t assist when their needs won’t be met…
ALL PEOPLE= NEED COMPASSION (a “direction” to go)

no “mind” can be “found” in the brain, though the brain incorporates MIND
The Brahmagupta is the earliest known text to treat zero as a number!
The People of God know nothing!
lonely people all get together to be themselves…
holding on to one’s own body
holding onto a lover’s body
to die holding onto death
when the matter is pure the mind is pure
when the mind is pure, the body is pure
when the body is pure, all things are pure.
tears burning in my soul
fears learning to be so…
one sees a notebook
flipping the blank pages in solitude
contemplating the purity…
weeks go by and words fill up the empty space
making the whole process emptier
seeing the time and flow and imperfections

Accept All, Expect Nothing (2008)

<<For relief, have some belief>>

Fateful flows from foes or my gangster bros knowing what they’re meant to be

What does it mean to be?

To witness this beautiful creation as a gift given to us never to use, showing in our attempt to reveal the present moment as death vanishing like a ghost passing away through derelict arches into the unknown

What is not known cannot be known when what is known is what is lived

A skunk sits upon the top stair contemplating each descending move

A king strides down the palace steps with neutral feelings for the burning city: starry-eyed in singularity, attired in simple robes…

A worker on break watches out the window

Men and women walking down the same road in pre-internalized patterns

Spider web in the sun’s rays avoiding shadows in lieu of the leaves

I sometimes think that white is green, black is red

Space is infinite but as fixed as lead

“Some things never change”...That’s the truth

I do what I do for the pleasure it gives…

No one can say anything for my not taking when no one’s got anything to give

Angry at themselves for the pain I don’t feel

Where am I missing out?

I need not worry. The traps are already set.

Soon I’ll fall down the hole that everything goes down: grounded for eternity

Eternity meaning there’s no tomorrow, it’s just today that you’re here to be...Nothing else

Not even knowledge. It too is sucked up by the dimensions of space pushing every which way. 

What you thought was a spiraling galaxy is now a darkness emanating from your eyelids, though you see yourself standing like a pyramid in the desert, sand blowing in your face

How do you know where you’re walking? Especially with that thing spinning around in there?

Don’t you even want to know where you are?

The same old thing that will kill Mother Earth has already eaten out my back

Brain cells will do me good in the end, rotting in the dirt…until then, running my feet in the ground

The hours pass by mashing thoughts to finally decide: I need something to eat

And it always feels like the last time… is it bad for the second hand to get stuck? That’s not clear…

I want to know if time is the same for you as for me

I think I answered that. No, time is a number system.

Being-in-time= well...that’s just being

I need not move to think this all out

A timeless error perhaps but I know no more than this

Somehow blood is spilled in the search for reality though it is a peaceful one

Some feel the need to fight for what is wrong

Anger is desire

It is to feel happiness that the higher consciousness asks for, not to fear sadness

It is apparent that the lost must keep losing and the found will never stop finding...for now.

It is forever now, if not never, when one will stroll through the catacombs of youth- the caverns filled with shadow peer back, compelling us deeper underground, to the tomb glimpsed at birth and secretly loved in death

This poetry goes nowhere! 

Still, standing, it shakes its head at the closed door which bears the number 5. Do I knock? How many times? This front step is mighty fine...only to hear from behind, “Step inside...”

I do not grant very much importance to these thoughts though in your company I feel more of the relevance of truth

Previously down this same road I have spoken words of contempt, anger, and perhaps delusion even; the wise consideration you have bestowed to me is, to say the least, astounding and beautiful

That is the past!

Let gentleness kindle your soul, and don’t even try to expect the Unexpectable…

With the right mindset, the body is straight

The things of which I learn are useless

Without thinking, tell me what you need to know that you don’t know already

You just can’t hold your nose to every bad smell in the world

How can one fear madness? A man talks into his boat with joy!!!

Perhaps a man without music doesn’t have an ear

What a pity for all those who cannot consider their cycle of thought as the cycle of suffering...though the crashing waves eventually subside

Eventually: as things have to happen, it starts slow (though slow is at a raging speed), then falls out all together (the seconds are measured with hundreds of mile-markers, striking out with the ferocity of a sniffing dog, most like the quick extension of a bird’s wingspan) 

Places are not there although there places us together.

A noise blocks the non-self within, a truer one coming to you in the form of my voice 

(Note the recklessness as true as it is impermissible)

Two-faced liars waste their years, littering the space between fitter specimens, trying to look good for the effect of treating people stupid

It is evil! Just the confusion… only the devil smiles back to their own soul with vengeance

Forgetting the things we know to think aimlessly on the past

“Should I kill you?” “Yes, but not for desire’s sake, rather for my pain, my sorrow…”

I’ll take a stab

I expect you not to budge

The brain must think twice

When getting used to (or ‘by’) a method, concept, idea, formulation- or action, habit- you always have to find other ways to satisfy the ends

The plain lines turn to shine a ray, made by force field disaster from electron emissions’ waste production

The wheel needs some turning when it’s lost its track, though the Aquarius night and blue moon steer straight after the struggle with initial velocity

That is what you expect! 

When the truth is revealed, it is an ugly rearing head, racking pictures of perception (that’s what you lost! The sensibility of your abilities), an expression tainted by crying inside- eternal tears en-coating the wound in a bubble, popped the moment it is about to fly away...in the circulation of air, heat rises only to fall once again into cold

Viscosity holds water capsules, suspended on the railing in semi-circular delight for frost- ready to freeze or to fall

Naturally the leaves that lie dead are covered, and spring wipes away the white veil

The melting fills the streams, for the fish to swim in; the mountains redirect their outpourings though gravity pulls it to the singular reservoir forever still

No one needs to tell what it means when a doe raises her white flag, or when a paw print fixed in time travels no further

The reverberations of a pecking wood duck sound like a finger tapping a table miles away

The black bear appreciates the scent of white flowers. His coat knows not one gray hair. His eyes are fierce and fair

A heartbeat skips, the floor creaks, time stops again- it goes over itself… inside-out! Bottoms-up as topsy-turvy as an upside-down wacky wicker basket, case of soap, bar of gold, and silver shoes

The masked man never smiles but a lie penetrates every evil grin, hate held even in its own hostility, heralded in wait for that fateful day when the long-awaited ship will fare the sea of misery, shifting the layers of foam, dispersing the waves, calming the rough waves with her bow… 

Everything comes full circle with a word

Or two, maybe it’s two

It is

Random noises do it too

Sum it all up

With a bag of tricks you don’t need magic

It’s all in your head like a grid, just tie all the ends together...one big knot! 

Oh, it shall be fun to untangle, but remember we must go back now from where we started and re-schemative the system of though which has settled for subprime conditions seen first with an empty stomach, not to mention a clouded mind fixed by chemicals blocking neurotransmitters, sitting around with shoes on, sifting false memories for their fertility in a renewed Spirit

We are slaves to a society, selling us “what we desire” (not the most desirable)

The sirens do not go off for a dying man without a son

Subtly, the media presents back-to-back subliminal messages in a continuous flow of images bearing incontinuity, to focus on the new as if it were not old

Families horde stockpiles waiting for good to happen, until then chatting up about the weather, and house things

Things possess us

We are what we use, in a way

Bodies are painful, though the only living part one owns is consciousness and time-history

What is it to say, if you’re not to do?

Some forget they knew how to flow, or maybe just confuse the physical with where the mind should go

Most don’t have a clue

This hatred comes in the form of lost souls borrowing sorrows for a broken tomorrow

I’m not sorry to kill the dream; quit watching the stream

Build a boat; there’s an ocean to sail on

You can’t see it with that veil on

The window sill has no great view of the sky

Go outside and learn it comes down to live or to die

Defy the lies that a baby cries over

Deny the crowd like a four-leaf clover

You can be what is feared if you are the unknown, only if you are knowing one fear, having been told

In time, life is a two-sided coin. 

In space, life requires three dimensions, like the six faces of a cube

The odds are an even number, though even numbers seem a bit odd

Prime numbers are always plus one (1, 3,7, or 9)

We look at each other to see ourselves

In the meantime I think of myself (inside of myself) as they do themselves

The pills in cabinets designated with a need

Out of my in-mind

Over your head? 

Down the street I went walking thinking I could use the fresh air when a smog cloud incarcerated my will to breathe

It is ironic that metal rusts in contact with air

If a second seems too short, give it a second try

If a minute seems too long, note the minute difference

The day is today

No day to sit around and dream

While I pick up steam, be patient; we could work as a team

You’re smarter than the mouth that is talking

The sentences form out of what I feel for the being trying to read my mind

Bringing it all to the surface is a bad habit for those with no true contribution to the solution for human pollution

Bend a cylinder around and get a tube

Stack some tubes and get a cylinder

What is there to get? A shape

It is moving

Try playing a game without directions: it’s a melee

There are steps to take first, without going anywhere

Finding where to go and driving your heart there

When you discover there’s no road for traveling, plow the path that has carried footsteps in the past, at a time for wanderers to finally establish a lead

Followers will trod on, anticipating with precision each shady tree as it’s positioned while fading into vision

The image is placed there by our minds then broken up like fission

It may sound like science fiction, but here’s the mission

Tell the world the truth, not for fame but recognition

Rap has started the mash-ups to be happening

Like a sprouting tree, leaves are green, the bark can’t contain the sap within

This is all honesty, or as honest as I can be with myself, though honesty cannot be the truest form of depth when it came to my dreams

I put them all on the shelf when it came to getting what I want

I was straight up inept until I focused on the circles that always made me digress

With all this magic crackin’, the past no longer unrest, the future folds once, twice, three times now it’s back

I’m going forward, facing west, no trace of lack of meaning in this net of desire

It’s wack. I know it’s all a joke...and as they say, “So it goes, so it goes...” 

Get on track... and get off again, thinking ahead, only to forget... to begin

I think of what to say and it’s not right

I’ve been defiled by society, that’s where I live, the people I know…

That’s wild

On your doorstep, or on your sofa, you’re annihilated by media, distracting the masses from the Last Sermon, in other words, violated to achieve subordination that should be rationalized not materialized

It’s only a few I criticize for making up a super-size (That’s not just french fries but a determinant of what we can be)

I’m trying to seize the leash and shake off man’s captor

The question of freedom captivates me

Is there something to see that cannot be touched but perhaps enjoyed?

The answer is null and void

My heart is not a toy anymore but a ploy I use to survive past the boy into the man

How do I make people understand?

Not by standing over or under them but facing them eye to eye

I thought I might as well try before it’s time for me to die

If you think this is the sound of discord, try again

If you can order chaos then you’re the one we are waiting for when the hour comes to take down old sentiments which were only restrictions to the True Self

The doubter rather obliged to set up fortress and mix emotions with devotion: the non-fatal love potion

A notion of applied science

Don’t let your conscience get in the way of your alliance to justice or defiance of lust that could be converted out of servitude to an attitude of a rude boy:

The funnel of existence pours the sands of the world directly into your hands to sift through the laws that confine our bodies to holding onto so much

There’s no need to rush

Everything’s possible, for example, here’s a sample from a life that I pronounce as strife:

A young man can’t go to school without his knife

Every morning asking father “Could I get some lunch money?”

Though he thinks his times running out

He doesn’t eat, sitting lean smoking cigarettes across the street from school

He doesn’t go to class but he’s no fool

He’s got a whole slew of ideas about the insanity of vanity

And the man he wants to be

Motive outcomes promote him as a popular friend because he hears the ones that laugh behind his back at the mistakes they’re making themselves though they make them bigger with words, searching the empty cabinets for some food when he knows not the reasons for earning because he’s still yearning for his love, the ease the pain:

Burning is not enough, staying up all night discerning the facts from what he is learning by chilling with the neighborhood, talking about how politics aren’t it so no one go fumble with it

This is one-sided and it won’t come down to any vote

The decision is one or another: Do you help yourself, or help a brother?

Keep spectating in your dreamland, reflecting the hatred that this nation has towards evocation

What is this place where the freedom of speech is to say but not something to preach?

Suck on that (!) and stop being a leech though the blood in my veins is tainted

I don’t have the faintest hint of why I’m still breathing

I let release of the heathen inside and fed on the Holy Brethren beside me at the altar

But the past is the least of these worries

Those scars in the mirror fall under suspicion for one to falter

This mobile hangs like an illusion, a vehicle more abstract than a Calder

Like a color wheel spinning, turning white, untie grey thoughts and neutral feelings for a fire-powered balloon to take flight

Raising the corners of children’s smiles, raising the eyebrows of old men at the price of changing styles

Do not lose the patience

It’s going to be a while so turn up the dial

I can’t stand most Christians

It’s hard to listen to some people so sick at heart, talking about what one knows to make themselves and others sad

Just thinking they know and not seeing how so

This kind of relief is that of the primitive beast

A sinister freak that once was called shy and meek

Quit that minister speak

Destroy complacency and seek the righteous few

When one loves too much it can take one’s soul away

Accept all

Expect nothing

Except one



Subway signs say step aside

Strangers’ desirous faces contemplating the thoughts never known

All suddenly gleaming- the subway train (snake of city’s destruction)

Eyes that once met in infinite wisdom-wonder erased by outstretched hands and legs of Man, moving contagiously to the rhythm and ripple of society-run-by-time

Strange city sightings:

Man threatened to stab me for not buying his fake Metrocard ticket

Rats crawling over a girl’s lap in the depths of the age-stricken subways, a blood curdling scream, followed by typical reactive glances filled with intentional ignorance

My very life is sustained through the gift of others

Waking up in the city with no money, belly aching, urination forces the acids to churn

Sal’s sister passes a bagel and some fruit into my groping hands, the other occupied by old ice cream popsicle 

Fortune for I have clothes on my back, loving donation from family ties

Train man asks me for the fare- me uselessly shoving hands into pockets to manifest the poverty

Penniless and on the right track, tormented by the sounds (predicted only to return once and for all back to silence)

Rattling, crashing squeal swabs my eardrums through and through

River fog and gray sky overcast the world with shadow, clouding judgment for me to see when the Eternal-Being-Within-Ourselves, the Sun, decides to hide

But up in Poughkeepsie, blue skies, blue herons…

The world is small

The Earth is all

Though things are falling

Life is sailing above the broken pieces

Disaster beneath the wind



Poughkeepsie blues tumbling end over end like the drunk man falling face first into the pavement

His concrete nosebleed and sidewalk smile

Beer rolling to its place in the sea

No one to pick him up

The train screams out of the station

Migration to the roaring cure for chaotic loneliness babble surfacing in the air only to drop to the floor

A man left waiting on the platform chair digs into a coconut, milk covering beard and dreads

Police at midnight, spotlight searching for the right position to create a crime

Agenda of fragmenting black communities

Arresting husbands, destroying families betrayed by the laws

Trapping black habit to a substandard living condition

Woman with hips as wide as a car, carrying an umbrella to protect the sun

Young kids talking loudly about how good the girl walking down the sidewalk looks- “Damn, I’d tap that!”- her stepping into the grass with a smile

Naked blues night jives the college kids

Liquor shots driving the grinding guitar lines and interlocking rhymes

Head descending astral staircase

Body and mind propelled into fixed yet floating thoughts

Time stops: 

Conscious of the Unconscious

Lies that say the Truth do not exist, they deny the striving for happiness, which is “Why? How? What?”

Anything that won’t break you makes you stronger... unless God is on your side, in which case, the end to all human suffering will end under the stars in a dream without direction

The nuisances that get a poor man by everyday are killing him too

No wonder the Hindus described the flow and rhythm of the path as The Waters (The Upanishads)

Observing the ant crawling over moss, it seems to have a sense of direction and a goal

The tinkling stream pours over mountain rock with a subtle restlessness in its voice

Receiving no retribution for its present of infinite love

Humanity poisons its only gift of which the arts cannot requite

Thinking alone by myself transports my mind like the feet of the ant

Tell me what the Hudson River has to say today on its slow wind to the city

Last time I returned from New York City I spotted a blue heron in the marsh, but looking not at all like the pictures in scientific birdbooks, rather he supported a long beak over a hunched back, dull eyes gazing endlessly into the ripple of the tide

Waiting precisely until an eclipse of the stars when- without sound- he takes flight…

The greatest Swedish aria, stuck in my head, just like the old man told me it was trapped in his

The way that the moon conducts the sea is how it controls the ebb, tide and flow of what we perceive as the wave of time

The stars: merely the stuff we are made of

The nosy teacher with her nasally voice inquired of the student: “You look awfully sick! What’s the matter?” He responds “Aren’t we all sick?”

        On the news today they covered the fighting in Georgia. The Russians once again want what they have thought as theirs since as early as 1801. The media is a lie. Government-controlled brainwash babble. The television set has sucked people’s brains out. THE SCREEN has absorbed all desire for thought, their faces blank with contingent happiness, numbed by the fusion of chaos and domination in every image; violence, not only that, blood spilling…

Reading the Celestine Prophecy at the Philistine’s apartment thrust the Eighth Insight into my awareness- from what I understand, it explains that there’s knowledge in our minds yet it is not realized until one has experienced the thought from another’s mind

And the Tibetan Book of the Dead’s “Introduction to Awareness”...

First of all, past thoughts are inconsequential. Ideas fade away like the current flows back under the waves of the ocean.

Secondly, future thoughts are fresh and clean; true and impermanent

Lastly, the thoughts of now appear like flowers out of seeds, unforced and natural… The silence that follows as pristine as the California blue sky

Awareness of mind lets existence have its say (which is ‘no-say’)

        On a NASA bookmark, there is written that everything in space around us, from planets to dust particles, is traveling in the same counter-clockwise direction around the sun. And there everything is, yet it all goes clockwise on the other side of the universe.


        The phrase “putting everything into your art” isn’t too astray from the truth, considering the term “everything” to mean “yourself” which I generalize unknowingly to the five aggregates of clinging, as taught by Buddha, “a formalized way of understanding the nature of our being”...by taking what we are- material form, feelings, perceptions, mental formations, and consciousness...

I was staying at the Vagabond Inn- a place really for the sort- and considering the sunny LA weather I went for a swim, on the way passing a room full of Mexican families, dining on chicken and rice, the scent rising into my nostrils for one deep breath, sighing for the mere separation between psyches which breeds dreadful chaos called suffering. I sat in a plastic chair, the sun hitting only my face and an umbrella shading my body. I watched the blazing eyes of passersby as they turned the corner. 

From the balcony a little boy watched with curious gaze as I crept deeper into the water, each splash sending a thrill of wonder and encouragement to be stronger. A smile at him sends him running. Yet soon his mother delivered his desire, standing in the water with a smile. For a moment I felt like another brother.

Fears seeping precociously into

Tears weeping emotionally into

Years reaping ferociously- the 

Beer keeping seers at their


The gentle mental raft that carries us down

The stream-like flow

Balanced on an electric current that tosses and turns

Waves that let go and do not push...

Waves remembering the tick against the shores

No "fine-balance" between mind and machines

The mind does not have a sole base of information to inquire within

It is a chaotic mechanism 

That revolves around focal points of high and directed energy

A machine relies upon a 'yes or no' protocol

Of course, humans go by this nature in giving answers...

So who invented machines anyway?

Well, OK, humans are aware of their simplest functions

Poems in California- 2008

God doesn’t wear shoes and angels fall
Wingless to the ground ready to die
The slayer of children decides to take off her
Boots when the pills run their course
With the moon – the motions of her flight
Faster than the sound that moves her towards
Eternal spring – returning…with all the might
Possible in a measly body struggling pushing up at
The layers of dirt burying her under the world “to
Build a coffin” she supposes one day sketching the
Puzzle pieces that have no corners and never
interlock, the picture having no determinate
shape or size, more endless in every direction
taken, and (always there to be assumed but never
mentioned) spinning concentrically through empty
space between multiple dimensional planes parallel
and perpendicular though amorphous and wavy, plain
incoherent with time applied until the sight of the
horizon is interrupted by a cell phone call
breaking the dead silence and stillness, willingness
becomes revealed as the surface shows where the
strings are attached no one pulling the reins on
change, sitting alone in a ghost carriage
whipping across the fields of the sky tied to a phantom
horse of the underworld, running wild and lost
in the night furiously forced onto the shadows
unknowingly chasing the sun rise chained
to each footstep suffering only to exist

crawling across the wall on the way to a college class sleeping low lolling and seeping slanderously in soliluquoy waking high out of misty morning fog, a hop in step, best dressed to stand the test, not impressed – “when did I think I was a success?” a cloud drifts and the boatman snatches the raft outrun by the blimy…what is a bookkeeper’s job but to ask questions answering them without suggesting but through provoking prejudice that prevails to no avail to predict every word – each move predicated by a previous scene, an alternate sequence of events: a pretense: am I making sense? Or does time not wear a dress? Only measuring from what I guess this looks like distress but yet I digress (and regress...) There’s a wealth of opportunity for progress but evolution is not success; success is progress of the human gene, so obscene is the averted scheme. “Newer is better!” I yell because you’d ask what I mean: it’s not just this scene it’s the bottle of tension filled to the brim. I cringe in Supreme Being when you crinkle your empty drink, fixed in limbo. I’m joking, you knowing laugh, we lie burning together, put more on to get the fire churning, more with my body than my mind. Do I learn from day to day to speak up and say “darling can you stay?” Sounds again confirmed by sight: your glowing face and protruding waist, unrest for one in quest of play and not frugal talk…reactionary jumping from saying to saying. I have no view to distribute just filling in the gaps.

Metaphysics leaning against facts cross-examined
To the last definition portraying a lesser image
Than the miraculous tactics presented in
Magnificent intactness, exactness…by now
You should expect the best, but still think, and thus
Digress from juxtaposition to superstition with
No transitional phrase, engaging the subject with
Mystical magic talking not computing or teaching
The words furrowing brows burrowing a hole in your
Crown. A scream even would be a change from the
Fictitious frown aspiring to hit the ground
Eating brown dirt for some conspicuous
Hurt, eyes roaming, matching models by
mayhem mimicking matrimony-murderous
mix up mingling completed by muddled thinking
treacherous leeching meant to breech ego
teaching leaking signals screeching feedback
loops fixation on sensational rationale falling
back down lacking positive transduction charges
from the market of meat and vegetables – a
resting place to write fables – standing on legs
like a table

people self-owning their contours with cell
Phones, biding their time as silhouettes for
friend ties and contact rely-ers realizing not
that desires burn like fires, for the heavens,
getting higher, my eyes on hers towards the sky
the shared gaze turned, the blue sky rushing
like water over flames of demand, and leftover ashes
of truth blown away by the wind of ignorance
smothered by fear of the eternal sunrise – hugging the Earth
excluding simple solutions
to elude to a delusional fear offset by
intuitive eyesight forfeiting to illusion – a
fervent exertion to make servants for Minerva (the Roman goddess of war) –
inertia works on form i.e. a rolling ball escapes
racing towards the pace of gravity – a
grave enmity for floatation devices proving
that even toads have dictative flows –
chosen motions indicative of internal implosion
and external promotion failed with stained clothes
and slime molds…I told you so
in rows everyone lines up conforming to social
codes behavior woes – in no way I can suppose
that the man blowing his nose knows that foes
sow their ears focusing on tears instead of years
dripping disgusted by mucous precociously
creeping into fear seeping out into lipping
discomfort for the discontent in his sneeze
accuse me of inconsistency, even incoherency,
but know my thoughts as true as yours –
as inconsistent as the crags in a mountain side
time and time again (and again) the views which
are meant to be kept hidden in devilish agony
hinting no return or jealousy all action
well intended and heaven-sented
deliberating on correct facial expression impression
making indenting relations

nouns: useless as words unless transformed by the interaction of verbs, occasionally
(if you want it enough) love captures meaning
In subjects carelessly placed in sentences,
Tearing apart flowing fleshy objects and adjectives
Preying…killing implication in ravish envy for
terrestrial footsteps (don’t take this so personal!)
carry a thought into flight – the insight that
you got, use it to jump off a cliff! Cause you
can soar – behold the earth below…in our
eyes and thus a gift within our reach but
limited by production and reproduction
the whole soul flow, coast to coast, you know?
Or am I taking this line too far? Well…dive
Headfirst pushing off the point into space
The last frontier in a sense
The “west”…go to college: lesson after lesson to
Learn the final lesson of life: have a wife/kids,
Wipe your ass, and die…joke! And play the days away
Awaiting a type that fits is lying with as
Many as you can, the lists long and short –
Impression made the same, a racing game
Stuck in the rut of self-wrought, chained
to a system, not a machine but a pussy
white cyst bleeding seeping slaving liquid
salvation – cry to the sky, ask for God to
symbolize the world around, I don’t mean the
trees and streams, rather the steel bars, ball
and chain, headache – vomit disruption, rules
of consumption – conjoined by ribbon and rope
                take off your robe, the soap opera is over,
pick up the dignity that fell off your back
though you don’t know shit, don’t show it

Birth is chosen in accord to the Law
The Devil saves a man wallowing in despair
For He need not say a word, the man confesses
his sins without hesitation, seeing Satan’s fire eyes
Toiling himself as if he were the Demon’s warrior-king
Destroying all fairness as to become an Equal
With the Horned Beast, as to heave up the Foundations
That strode the Torturer-in-Death to the Underworld
(Over-void, Understood) a dust cyclone
Billows over the ground that that man sprints over
admonishing the misdeeds that cause havoc
On the already depraved heart, an irrevocable
Set of reactions triggered off by tension, a
Release of which, to mention, involve THC
Altering the perception of what it means to be
Along with the sights that one can look at it with
To decide that a low-life is not worth the effort
For those trying to explain the human condition
Standing in such illusiveness, no one is hurt, but
I may die tomorrow

“What are you waiting for? The future awaits you!”
babbles the television set, though its meaning is mute,
my father sits drunk  staring into Andromeda
behind the screen and wonders out loud,
“Boy, did you have fun tonight?”
“Yes,” I groan. It’s so fake, but that’s real life.
Here I sit now, not sure what’s going to come out of the future, but I’m in for it.
What I’m about to tell you is really all I know.
People save money like it would save them.
Every time I let a bill out of my wallet, it’s never seen again.
I do not ask yet I receive.
The love never stops.
It keeps coming, like a man chasing his dream.
A dream, alright! His head is in a gutter so his feet just peddle in mid-air.
Dangerdoom once said that cartoons are more real than reality TV.
Life is a cartoon. I’m always slipping on a banana peel, or something.